In Discover, Influencity has made a selection of pre-defined filters split by category so our clients can navigate and discover new influencers with a single click. 

Click on any of the top selections to launch the discover engine:

Or try with “View all categories” to explore all options:

Top Searches & Top Influencers

Influencity Discover engine is developed with a machine learning algorithm that will analyze all run searches done on the platform. 

Find what’s hot in our “Top Searches” section, just one click through:

Or discover who is trendy in our “Top Influencers Analyzed” section:

You can add any of those top influencers to your My Influencers Module by clicking on “Add to Analyze” so it will uncover all their demographic data:

All influencers that you “Add to analyze” will be waiting for you at the bottom of the page. Click on any of them so you can be redirected to their full profile view in your My Influencers module.

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