In Discover, in spite of where you have obtained those from, one of the pre-selected categories given by Influencity or refining by your own filters; the results will be displayed the same way:

  • At the top of the table, you can find the number of influencers found in our database, and the filters that you have predefined (pink for influencer data, blue for audience filters).

  • Right below, you will find followers, Average Interactions and Engagement columns, followed by audience data filtered.

  • All results will be ordered by the number of followers (descending) but you can also sort it by number average interactions.

  • Down at the bottom, the total number of pages to navigate through the results.

Order your results

Remember you can always sort the results ascending or descending in any of the first 2 columns (followers and interactions).

You can try that by clicking on the name of the column:

Add influencers to My Influencers

And last but not least, let’s analyze those interesting influencers that you’ve found!

Just click on “Add to My Influencers” and you’ll be able to discover full influencer’s data in My Influencers, however, if you want to check this without leaving your search you can click on "Preview" on the same button.

Results count

Remember that even though you have unlimited searches per month, there is a limit on the number of results you can view per month. Keep in mind that every results page contains 20 results that will be taken out of your monthly limit.

If you run the same search within 3 days and the same results come up, your monthly limit won't vary, only new results (if any) will be subtracted from your limit.

You can check how your limits are consumed here:

You can check how many results your page includes here:

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