Add an influencer

You can add influencers to your database either from Discover or by adding any profile you already know and like. So this is the first time here and your My Influencer’s page is empty:

Click on “Create Influencer” button on the top-right corner of the page to open the “Create influencer” form:

Click on “Add social network” button, select the social media and enter the complete URL (example of URL: or the influencer's username

Remember that for youtube, the complete URL should be the one for the influencer’s channel (example youtube URL:

You can add more social networks associated with the influencer repeating the same steps.

Once all networks have been added, complete the rest of the fields to keep the information organized:

You can now click on “Create Influencer” and it will be added for analysis in your database, or you can click on “Create and add another” to create more than one profile at the same time. 

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