Create a list

To create a list, go to My Influencers, click on the “Create a list” button on the top-right corner of the My Influencers home to open the form:

Complete the information about the list by adding a name and a description and click on “Create list” or “Create and add another” to create more than one list at the same time. 

Add influencers to a list

Click on the influencer’s shortcut action “List” to open the form:

On the left side of the form you will be able to look for the name of the list where you would like to add the influencer. 

You can add the influencer to all lists you wish at the same time with this form. 

Just click on the “+” icon that precedes the name of the desired lists.

Also you can remove the influencer from any list, by removing the lists from the “Present in this list” section on the right side. 

Even if you want to create on the fly a new list for the influencer, click on the “create new list” link.

Whenever you are ready to save your changes, check “Present in these lists”  names, as those would be the final lists where the influencer will be contained when clicking on “Save”. 

Edit lists

Click on the list shortcut action “Edit” to open the form:

  • Click on the star icon to mark the list as favorite.

  • Edit all the “About list” fields.

  • Click on “View list” to be redirected to the full list view.

Whenever you make any changes in the social networks or the influencer’s information, a bar at the bottom of the page will be displayed so you can save all changes.

List detail

The list detail view provides an overview of how influencers included in the list would perform (as an average) on each social network.

From here you can also perform any of the actions following actions:

  • Mark the list as a favorite

  • Print the list

  • Share the list

  • Add influencers to the list

  • Search for influencers within the list

  • Shortcut actions on influencers cards

  • Remove influencers from the list

If you click on "Resume" you will also be able to edit the list's information and to delete that list. 

Share and print lists

Click on the list’s shortcut action “Share” to open the form:

Copy the generated link and paste it in your explorer to access to the shared list view.

Click on list’s shortcut action “Print” to open generate a PDF version of your list you can download and/or print. 

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