Edit influencers

Click on the influencer shortcut action “Edit” to open the form:

  • Click on the star icon to mark the influencer as favorite.

  • Add or remove social networks.

  • Edit all the “About influencer” fields.

  • Click on “View Profile” to be redirected to the full influencer profile

Whenever you make any changes in the social networks or the influencer’s information, a bar at the bottom of the page will be displayed so you can save all changes.

Influencer Preview

Click on the influencer’s shortcut action “Preview” to open influencer’s preview:

  • Click on the star to mark the influencer as favorite.

  • Click on “Call” to call directly to the influencer (you need to have your phone configured with your PC) or copy the phone number.

  • Click on “Mail” to open an email or copy the email.

  • Click on “Print” to generate a .pdf with the influencer’s profile.

  • Click on “Refresh” to update the influencer’s data.

  • Click on any of the networks to display influencer’s data.

  • Click on “Go to Social Network” to be redirected to the complete influencer’s profile. 

  • Click on “Notes” to see a historical record of notes for that influencer. 

  • Click on “Prices” to see influencer’s fees for all social networks. 

Influencer Profile

The influencer profile provides all information from an influencer in a single view:

From this view you can also perform any of the actions explained in Preview.

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