Campaigns is the module where you’ll be able to manage all your campaigns at once. By personalizing all processes, executing multiple campaigns seamlessly will not be overwhelming. 

Click on “Create Campaign” on the top right corner of the page.

Once clicking on the button, the configuration tab will be unfolded:

You will be able to choose the campaign’s workflow that fits your needs the best, define its main information (name and social network), introduce campaign’s briefing (budget, dates, description and goal) as well as establish its target (location, gender, age and interests)

“Campaign Workflow” selector will be unfolded into 5 options:

These are default options based on general needs but you can always design your own workflow, contact us for more information.

“Main Information” section includes one field to define the campaign’s name and what social networks will be involved.

In “About Campaign”, you’ll find five fields to be completed: Firstly, you’ll need to write the budget for this campaign, the start and end date and then, a description of what’s the campaign for and a field to identify its goals.

Finally, you’ll be able to describe your target in the last section. Here you’ll choose your target’s location when typing more than 4 letters, your target’s gender (choosing between male, female or male & female), age (you can design the range you want and its percentage), interests (you can choose as many as you wish) and finally, and space to include any other characteristics you need.

Once you’ve filled all the information, you can click on “Create Campaign” or “Create and add another” if you wish to create several campaigns. 

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