Influencer and client status

In Campaigns, once you have all influencers included in your campaign, you’ll be able to update both influencer and client’s status regarding each profile.

There are four different client status (Pending, Accepted, Rejected and Backup) and six influencer status (Pending, Accepted, Rejected, In Campaign, Finished and Cancelled)

You can change this status by selecting all influencers you would like to change and then clicking on “Actions” and selecting Client Status or Influencer Status.

After setting each status, you’ll be able to see two status on each profile, the first one corresponds to Influencer Status and the second one to Client Status.


One of the key points about the Campaigns module is the ability to add and personalize tasks. One task corresponds to one action the influencer will do during the campaign, this cannot be only any kind of publication in any social network you wish, but also attendance to an event.

You can both add tasks massively by selecting all and clicking on Actions-Add Tasks or one by one by clicking “Tasks” on each profile.

Add tasks

When clicking on “Tasks” a form will appear including all social networks included in the profile in case you chose one, or all common social networks included in the briefing in case you chose more than one.

Click on the “+” symbol on each social network and 4 options will unfold: 

  • Type of tasks: Here you will choose what kind of task you’re adding

  1. Instagram: Story, Photo, Video, Carousel

  2. Youtube: Video, Video Mention

  3. Twitter: Tweet, Photo, Retweet

  4. Others: You can write whatever you need

  • Price: You’ll write how much you’re paying for that specific task.

  • Date: You’ll choose the date to publish on 

  • Status: You can choose what’s the status of this task (Pending, In Review, Accepted, Done) 

This way, when adding more tasks, you’ll see what the total costs is and how many publications you’ll get out of this campaign. Also, in the campaign’s overview, you’ll be able to check its publication in the calendar on the left side of the page.

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