All your campaigns and their status will be gathered in your Campaigns overview. On the left side, you’ll find a calendar to see all tasks for the day in any of the active campaigns, as well as these tasks’ status. All campaigns’ main information can be found with a quick glimpse: Campaign’s name, networks, start and end date, last update, budge and status.


In a campaign, once you’ve included all influencers and tasks, you’ll be able to see your campaign through two different views. You can change from one to another by clicking on the icons on the top right corner of the middle section.

Kanban View

In the first one, kanban view, you’ll see different columns for each step of the workflow in the middle section. In order to move all influencers through the steps you can drag one by one or select them all influencers and execute a massive action.

Executive View

In the executive version, you’ll be able to see a list of all influencers participating in the campaign including their main information.

  • Social Network: Which one is included in the campaign

  • Tasks: How many tasks have been assigned to the profile

  • Total Cost: It adds all tasks costs

  • Step: What step they are, you can also change it here

  • Status Client: What status the profile is, you can also change it here

  • Status Influencer: What status the profile is, you can also change it here

You can filter all the influencers you want to see by choosing the step you want to show.

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