Reports is the module where you’ll be able to evaluate each campaign’s metrics in real time. Measure the KPIs that matter the most to you and compare influencers or competitors’ campaigns.

All your reports will be gathered in a single place to compare your campaigns’ performance with a quick glimpse.

Firstly, click on ”New report” to start your analysis on the top-right or top-left of the page.

Introduce your report’s name and click on “Continue”

Now, add your first post URL to analyze. Remember that you should enter the complete URL (example of URL:

Once the URL has been added you will be redirected to your URLs summary.

From here, you’ll be able to perform different actions:

  • Add as many URLs as you need to analyze: introduce them in the form (next to the add button), and click on “Add”

  • Click on any of the shortcuts to:

  1. Refresh your report so it is up to date

  2. Print your report: A PDF version of the report will be generated so you can download it and/or print it.

  3. Share your report: This will give you a public URL to share

  4. Add new URLs

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