In Reports, there are four tabs in each report: 


In the summary tab you’ll find the main KPIs and audience distribution of all posts included in the report. 

From this report overview, you will be able to discover which are the top performance influencers as well as your campaign’s top posts.


In the performance tab you’ll find audience distribution detail and your campaign history, split by network.


“Influencers” tab is all where information about the influencers’ performance will be included. 

Sort the influencers table by any of the columns to discover who has the highest reach or the best engagement in your campaign.


Posts tab will display all the campaign’s posts that have been added to your report, sorted by date. 

In this tab you will see all information detailed by post.


Click on "URL's" on the top right corner to see all URL's you've added.

In this section you will be able to add new URL's, check the existing one's status and delete any of the entered ones.

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