Learn to create trackings which will automatically track influencer posts and compile the information for your reports without the need to search for them on social media.

Use trackings to automatically create reports. Thanks to tracking, you no longer have to track posts manually. Set the criteria the posts have to match and the tracking will track them for you. Trackings are created within a report and can be edited in Publications & Data > Data Source.

In this article you will learn how to:

Before beginning

In order to create a tracking, you need to create a report or use one which has already been created.

Follow these steps to create a report:

  • Go to Reports in the navigation bar

  • In All Reports select Create Report

  • Enter the name of the report

  • Enter a description if needed

  • Click on Create Report at the bottom

  • Click on the name of the report on the All Reports table

1.1 Creating a tracking

  • Click on Add Publications within a report

  • When the pop-up window appears, select Tracking in the side menu

  • Set the tracking criteria

  • When everything is ready, click on Create Tracking at the bottom of the pop-up

  • Invite influencers to take part

  • Your tracking will begin compiling the posts and information about them

1.2 Setting tracking criteria

The tracking will track posts which correspond with the criteria you set in the creation pop-up. This is mandatory as if the criteria are not set, you cannot proceed to creating the tracking. The criteria are made up of five groups as explained below:

Tracking information

Basic information about the tracking.

The field in this group is:

  • Tracking Name: Give the tracking an identifying name, it cannot be the same as any previously created tracking

Social network

The social network where the posts will be tracked.

The field in this group is:

  • Social network: Select the social network where the posts will be taken from, tracking is currently only available on Instagram

Hashtags, Mentions and Keywords

This group is used to set the hashtags, mentions and keywords which must appear on the posts in order for them to be tracked. You must enter at least one hashtag, one mention or one keyword. If all of the fields have been filled out, the tracking will track posts which match at least one of the criteria.

Example: If we set the hashtags #HappySpring, #EnjoyLife, and the keyword Spring, the tracking will pick up any post which only has the hashtag #HappySpring plus any post containing the hashtag #EnjoyLife, as well as any post which only contains the word Spring. It will also track all posts containing both the hashtags and the keyword.

Fields in this group:

  • Hashtags: These are the hashtags which must appear in the post in order for it to be tracked

  • Mentions: These are mentions of another account within the post description

  • Keywords: These are the keywords which appear in the post

NB: In the case of Instagram stories, the hashtags, mentions and keywords must be added to the post’s text using the text function as seen below.

Time Span

Time Span is used to set the period of time the tracking should track the posts.

The fields in Time Span are:

  • Start date: The date which the tracking will begin to track the posts. This is a mandatory field and cannot be set to the day before the report is created.

  • End date: The date which the tracking will stop tracking posts. This is not a mandatory field. If no end date is indicated, the tracking will never stop tracking posts.


These are the profiles the posts that match the previously set criteria will be tracked from.

Adding profiles to a tracking:

There are three ways to include profiles in a tracking:

  • Adding profiles which are not saved on your IRM (Add New Profile)

  • Adding profiles from My Influencers

  • Adding profiles from a list in My Influencers

Adding profiles from the option Add Profiles:

  • Click on Add Profiles

  • Select Add New Profile from the dropdown menu

  • In the pop-up, enter the @handles or URLs of the profiles you wish to add separated by a line break(⏎)

  • Once you’ve confirmed the profiles exist, click on Add Profiles

  • You can add up to 20 profiles in this pop-up and if you need to add more profiles, you can repeat the process as many times as is needed

  • The profiles you have added will appear on the Profiles table

Adding profiles from the option From My Influencers:

  • Click on Add Profiles

  • Select From My Influencers from the dropdown menu

  • Select the profiles you wish to add the tracking from the pop-up. You can search for the profiles you want using the search bar or by selecting all of the influencers in your IRM clicking on the button Select All.

  • Once you’ve selected the profiles, click on Add Profiles

  • The profiles you have added will appear on the Profiles table

Adding profiles from the option From My Influencer List:

  • Click on Add Profiles

  • Select the option From List of My influencers from the dropdown menu

  • In the Add Profiles from Lists pop-up, select the lists which include the profiles you wish to track

  • Click on Add Profiles to add profiles to the tracking

  • The profiles you have added will appear on the Profiles table

Deleting profiles from a tracking:

From time to time, you may need to remove influencers from a tracking, to do so:

  • Go to the Profiles table

  • Select the profiles you want to delete from the table

  • Click delete in the table header

1.2 Inviting influencers to take part in a tracking

In order to track a profile’s posts, you must get permission from influencers to access their data and posts.

To do so, you should send an invite link to the influencer in question.

Getting an invite link:

Follow these steps in the Trackings pop-up:

  • Go to Profiles

  • At the top, click on Invite influencers to Opt-in

  • Clicking this will open the Send Creator Invitation pop-up

  • Click on Copy Link

  • Send the link to the influencer so they can register on Creators

Important: If the influencer has more than one profile, indicate the profile or profiles they have to give you access to.

Important: the link URL will not be active for the influencer until the tracking is created. Please, make sure that the invitation link is sent after the tracking creation.

Status of invited influencers

On the Trackings pop-up, you’ll be able to see which influencers have accepted your invite and which haven’t from the API access column in the Profiles table .

You will see two statuses in this column:

  • Yes: The influencer has registered and accepted your request.

  • No: The status ‘No’ could mean either the influencer hasn’t registered on the platform and hasn’t been able to either accept or reject your request, the influencer has rejected your invitation, or access to the profile’s data has been lost. In the case of the latter, you should ask the influencer to reconnect their account.

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